Island Perilous

Born of a Dozen Worlds

What the Coins Can Tell Us

Among the salvage was a sack of coins. Two hundred fifty to be precise. It is a bittersweet bounty to have such wealth and barely a drop of fresh water to drink.

Looking over the coins the companions saw a wide variety of mints – over a dozen. Few, if any, are familiar.

What’s more, the companions come to realize none of them recognizes the same mint of coin. On further discussion they come to realize that they have never heard of each other’s lands, societies, kingdoms or culture…

Therondil of the Verdant forests has only ever heard of gem and earth worshipping dwarves, but never Death worshippers like Naugrim. And for his part, Naugrim has never heard tell of Atreides’ army, which rose a plume of dust visible for tens of miles when it marched. Atreides never heard of Orkengeist, towering city of Rath’s lands and none had ever heard tell or legend of the blasted wastelands of Herran’s birth. None of them ever set eyes upon the Pterodactyl before their druid transformed into one and took flight.

Marcus, on reflection, noted that the Magna Hyrdus would take to the seas and often fight storms before returning to land. The mystery of the ship, her captain and this dread island deepened…



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