Island Perilous


Session 9/3 Part 2

Herran communes with the island in an attempt to gain insight into the dangers that await them as they travel deeper into the jungle. He is struck by a vision of a floating mountain, chained to the bottom of an abyssal sea. The underside of the mountain is a massive being who opens its eyes and shakes Herran to his very soul.

Disturbed form his experience, Herran leads them through the jungle into an area where he dared not roam alone. With the sun low in the sky, they hear drums in the distance and can see a line of fire making its way up the side of the island volcano.

On their journey, Therondil discovers massive earthen mounds with tube like spouts that jut 5-15 feet above the ground. As night falls, a horde of giant ants pours forth from the earth and chase them.

Atreides charges forth, cutting a path through the swarm for the team to follow. In their mad dash to escape, Marcus and Therondil are separated from the others and Herran falls through the ground into the Hive underneath.

Rath employs his spellcraft to draw off the ants, giving them a brief respite, but now Atreides, Naugrim, the one armed wizard and their prisoner are left wondering how they can recover Herran.

Therondil and Marcus are about to be overun by hundreds of ants when they charge into a clearing. A firewall bursts around them, saving them from the ants. Segundus steps forth, his gold tooth gleaming and seems pleasantly surprised to see his old friend Marcus…



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