Island Perilous

How Marcus and Segundus Met

Flashback #1 (9/17 session part 1)

Almost a year before the wreck of the Magna Hydrus washed up on the island, Marcus met Captain Segundus as he was petitioning the magistrate Ladaelus for the funds necessary to finance his expedition.

Marcus in his role as Paladin of the Order of Heirodites was intent on being assigned to the expedition to ensure that the power of the empire was not misused. As Segundus made his plea, a would be assassin snaked through the crowd.

When the attack came it was not through conventional weaponry, but through polymorphic magic wherein the assassin’s arms flowed like liquid gold shining brightly with runic symbols. Marcus interrupted the attack giving Segundus and the court vizier enough time to kill the attacker with sword and magic.

Segundus took an instant liking to Marcus and implored him to come on his expedition.

*Points of special note:
- There is a conspiracy afoot – a Cabal that serves Tinitis, the god of secrects and the destruction of knowledge, long thought dead.
- The magistrate is under their influence.
- The runic symbols on the assassin’s golden arms were similar to those found on the buried ship on the island and connected to the World Breakers.



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