Island Perilous

The Madmen of Dead Ship's Cove

Potable water was the most significant need and the group decided that any town would need a well. Upon arrival at the cove the group was set upon by a handful of madmen under the influence of a potent drug. Frothing at the mouth they attacked with abandon.

Therondil struggled for enough distance to fell them with arrows.

Rath was set upon and beaten with a rock. When he used his dark magics to kill his assailant, Marcus saw him for what he was – a practitioner of the black arts.

Another wretch, this one mutated to behometh size by the drugs, came into the fray helping to corner and surround Therondil.

Calling on the power of Herodites, Marcus caught a powerful blow and wrestled the creature to the ground.

Atreides went through the lost souls like a buzz saw, using his new spear to great effect. With his help, Marcus brained the behometh and they ran off the last of the madmen.

While searching for signs of who they were and why they were so infected with madness, Marcus is pricked on a needle and begins to succumb to the madness himself.

Atreides is able to cold cock the dazed and feverish Marcus. They bind him as best they can and watch as the sun sinks lower in the sky…



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