Island Perilous

The Other Survivors

Session 9/3 part 1

Fearful of what the night will hold, the party pushes into the jungle interior to find the spiders and use their venom to gain acceptance from the island. During their journey they spot a small group of Segundus’ men chopping down a tree to bridge a ravine.

Using the element of surprise, the team attacks with the intent of capturing their leader, a legionnaire named Thark. In the battle, Thark is killed and the Captain’s sorcerer, Agora Koth, makes a brief appearance before vanishing into the woods.

One man is captured, an old rigger from the ship who reveals that Segundus has split his force up into 7 or 8 groups of 6. All in an attempt to survive the assaults of the shape shifting predator.

Thark’s body almost immediately decays to a corpse 50 years old or more. Parallels are drawn to the mummified crew of the ancient ship buried in the beach.

They press onward…



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