Island Perilous

The World Breakers

After finding the cistern and filling up their water skins, the party travels back to collect Marcus only to find him missing and his ropes burned off.

Therondil is able to track him across the beach, through the water (!) and into the ancient ship burried within the beach sand.

Rath leads the way with his light spell, searching for any booty, but vocal in his lack of regard for Marcus’ well being. The team discovers leather armor, chain mail and a metal/ golden shield among the hundreds of mummified bodied in the ship.

Naugrim consults with his ancestors, trying to discover how this ship could be so well preserved. One of his distant relations encountered these people over a 1,000 years ago. They seemed to have command over time and were known as the World Breakers. They sought to destroy all worlds but their own.

Rath abandons his companions to the dark, leaving with the chain armor and sets about searching the other buildings on the beach. In his searches he encounters the shapeshifting outsider who sets about killing him…

In the belly of the ship, the party discovered a strange devise similar to what Atreides encountered in the belly of the Magna Hydrus. By its side is the unconcsious Marcus with a metallic book sitting on his lap. Emblazened on the front is a six spoked wheel with all, but one spoke broken. Naugrim recognizes it as the symbol his Ancestor showed him… the World Breakers.



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