Island Perilous

Under the Hill

Session 9/17 part 3

Atreides, Rath and Naugrim descend into the massive ant hill to rescue Herran. The group fights off multiple ants and realizes the complex is incredibly vast and likely was the center of their society containing their queen and her eggs.

While climing out, Rath is once again killed and ushered to the gates of death.

Death offers him a bargain, dedicate his magic to the death cycle and he would be returned. Now, whenever he casts a spell, the life force from something nearby must be tapped. Plants will die, insects or perhaps a stray hit point will be syphoned from an ally.

The team escapes and runs, barely ahead of the ravening hordes. Injured and at the end of their physical tethers, they try desperately to reach the jungle center and find the venom they so desparaetly require…



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