Island Perilous

Surviving the maelstrom

The maelstrom was a massive series of whirlpools, lightning storms and hurricane force assaults upon the Magna Hydrus. The whirlpool was so deep that it plunged to the very sea-bottom and beyond such that most fell to their doom.

Before the fateful crash on the reef, Marcus and Herran slipped their bonds and ventured topside.

Marcus, before he could offer help to the crew, was swept off the deck. He saw spirits of water and air battling within the Maelstrom and believed the storm to be no natural occurrence. He was lifted from the sea by a hand made of clouds and delivered to the island beach.

Herran, a true prisoner, escaped his cell by shapeshifting into a rat. In so doing he freed not only himelf, but the POW Atreides to whom he was tethered. Despite being so small Herran could not stand long on the pitching deck. Thrust into the depths, Herran found and transmuted himself into the form of a deep shark. On his way to shore he found Therondil unconscious in the water and delivered him to the shore.

Faraday, a halfling stow away hiding as part of the crew, released the prisoner Rath. Together they grabbed supplies and escaped in one of the small rafts. The raft was destroyed, but not before delivering them to the shore.

Leondras, a dwarven warrior of the wilds, burst his chains through main strength and attempted to save Naugrim, another dwarven prisoner who’d saved his life. By the time he broke him free, Naugrim had drowned, but Leondras carried him to shore, unwilling to let another dwarf lay in a watery grave. On shore, Naugrim revived as if by a miracle.

Ultimately the Magna Hydrus was hulled upon the island reefs. Few survived and most of its supplies were claimed by the depths, but some wreckage reached the shore. The aft section of the ship can be seen from shore, though the waves claw at the remnants, pulling it to join its doomed crew…

We are the bottom of the food chain

Just after dawn, a handful of survivors wake on the beach only to be set upon by giant creatures reminiscent of lobsters. Fully six feet in length with massive, razor sharp claws, they quickly maim and consume all in their path. All the while making a friendly trilling noise at their meals.

The first group (Marcus, Herran, Therondil and a minstrel named Felix) sprints for the tree line, but Marcus diverts to save one of the other survivors. Through teamwork, they are able to save themselves, one other stranded prisoner and reclaim one of the boarding pikes that washed up ashore.

As they escape the Lobstrocities, Marcus sees the Captain in the distance directing some of his men to do the same. He asks his god, what here is evil? He feels the pulse of a potent evil coming from the dark heart of the jungle, drawing the evil in the Captain like a moth to the flame…

XP earned – Marcus 5, Therondil 2, Herran 3
HP – Marcus down 2
No armor
Weapons: Therondil has makeshift spear, Marcus has a wooden cudgel and the boarding pike

Far down shore, the second group (Naugrim, Leondras, Rath and Faraday) faired almost as well. Naugrim was moderately wounded by the creatures before they were able to escape to the treeline.

Search for Supplies

After fending off the monstrous lobster creatures, the group found another survivor: Atriedes, another prisoner who had served as a lieutenant in the army of the conquered land. Atriedes added a makeshift flail, in the form of the chain still manacled to his wrist, to their meager armaments.

Herran flew over the ship’s wreckage in his pterodactyl form and landed to say that it looked like there might be supplies they could scavenge. He then took the form of a jackal and went to scout the island’s interior.

Marcus and Rojo, the sailor he rescued from the lobstrocities, scouted up the beach a ways and found a cove with more wrecked ships, some appearing rather ancient. While they were doing that, Therondil, Atriedes, and Felix swam out to the ship to see what they could scavenge. Evading sharks, the group made it to the reef that had hulled the ship. Therondil saw a group of sahuagin boarding the ship…unfortunately, the sahuagin saw them as well. Therondil and Atriedes managed to slay two sahuagin, getting skewered by bone tridents for their troubles.

On shore, Marcus and Rojo returned to face off a pack of hungry baboons. Rojo ran for his life as Marcus called upon the power of his god to drive the beasts off. Rojo, while running for his life, ran straight into the jaws of a hungry allosaurus.

Giant octopusMeanwhile, the blood in the water attracted the interest of a giant octopus living in the reef. It had a quick surf-and-turf meal of a dead sahuagin followed by a live, and screaming, Felix. While it was occupied, Therondil braved the swim to the ship. Marcus swam out to the reef to lend what aid he could.

Therondil is alone on the wrecked ship, with a bone trident in his hand and his hawk Silver. Also on the ship are three sahuagin and some crew members who do not seem…quite right. Marcus and Atriedes are on the reef, preparing to join him.

Peering through the Black Gates

Within the jungle, the second group is being hunted by a handful of the surviving ship’s crew. Faraday is able to sneak close, but as he is about to stab one in the back he is exposed and set upon. In the melee, Naugrim is stabbed and dies.

He travels to the Black Gate and sees a terrifying truth about the island. Once a living creature, a god, something vile has grown within its carcass and must be stopped. Death herself offers Naugrim a chance to return to the land of the living: when the time comes he must sacrifice himself to the Volcano, or offer an innocent in his place. He readily accepts…

Searching the Magna Hydrus

Naugrim was found by the Druid Herran, the grievous spear wound healed via the moss of the jungle floor. The two knew each other from their time aboard ship and made for ready allies.

They travelled back to the beach and found the rest of Herran’s companions locked in a life or death struggle on the wreck of the Magna Hydrus.

Atreides had been sucked under by the giant Octopus.

Therondil was in a pitched battle with three Sahuagin and Marcus was braving the shark infested waters to come to his aid.

Herran took wing and transported Naugrim to the ship just in time to kill the last Sahuagin before it could chew Therondil’s arm off. Then Herran faced off against what appeared to be undead crewman.

Before any true action could be taken, a fiery spirit exited from the body of the crewmen, leaving them as inanimate corpses.

Marcus called upon Herodites to heal Therondil’s shoulder, saving the elf’s limb in the process.

They dove upon the wreck recovering a scant few items.

Atreides Lives!

The warrior Atreides stabbed the Octopus and swam clear, but not without a few cracked ribs. He would have drowned, but instead was sucked into the bottom-most hull of the ship. Therein was a strange machine that pulsed and created an air bubble. Atreides could see portions of the hull that looked as if the ship had been at the bottom of the sea for a century, then transform to look as new as it must have been before leaving sea dock.

It reminded him of an ancient prophecy in which a machine of great power opened portals between worlds, ultimately shattering the barriers and bringing destruction to all.

He ascended through the ship, battered, cracked, more concerned than ever, but not broken.

And he once again had his spear…

The Wandering Wizard

The Wizard Arrives

Therondil, while gathering material to fashion his arrows, came across signs of a great evil. At first he saw the tell tale signs of a large beast – something that hunted alone. Through his syncronicity with nature he sensed a great evil, like nothing he’d ever sensed before. Not just the hostile island, but a dread consciousness that reveled only in pain, suffering and destruction.

He came upon another survivor, wandering stunned through the jungle. Rath, the old murderer from the hold of the ship. Therondil was not pleased to see the old man alive, but the look of stark terror in the man’s eyes was too much to ignore.

Rath’s group was attacked by something immensely powerful – so strong that it knocked him a dozen feet with one blow. The old wizard could not (or would not) remember anything more.

Born of a Dozen Worlds

What the Coins Can Tell Us

Among the salvage was a sack of coins. Two hundred fifty to be precise. It is a bittersweet bounty to have such wealth and barely a drop of fresh water to drink.

Looking over the coins the companions saw a wide variety of mints – over a dozen. Few, if any, are familiar.

What’s more, the companions come to realize none of them recognizes the same mint of coin. On further discussion they come to realize that they have never heard of each other’s lands, societies, kingdoms or culture…

Therondil of the Verdant forests has only ever heard of gem and earth worshipping dwarves, but never Death worshippers like Naugrim. And for his part, Naugrim has never heard tell of Atreides’ army, which rose a plume of dust visible for tens of miles when it marched. Atreides never heard of Orkengeist, towering city of Rath’s lands and none had ever heard tell or legend of the blasted wastelands of Herran’s birth. None of them ever set eyes upon the Pterodactyl before their druid transformed into one and took flight.

Marcus, on reflection, noted that the Magna Hyrdus would take to the seas and often fight storms before returning to land. The mystery of the ship, her captain and this dread island deepened…

The Madmen of Dead Ship's Cove

Potable water was the most significant need and the group decided that any town would need a well. Upon arrival at the cove the group was set upon by a handful of madmen under the influence of a potent drug. Frothing at the mouth they attacked with abandon.

Therondil struggled for enough distance to fell them with arrows.

Rath was set upon and beaten with a rock. When he used his dark magics to kill his assailant, Marcus saw him for what he was – a practitioner of the black arts.

Another wretch, this one mutated to behometh size by the drugs, came into the fray helping to corner and surround Therondil.

Calling on the power of Herodites, Marcus caught a powerful blow and wrestled the creature to the ground.

Atreides went through the lost souls like a buzz saw, using his new spear to great effect. With his help, Marcus brained the behometh and they ran off the last of the madmen.

While searching for signs of who they were and why they were so infected with madness, Marcus is pricked on a needle and begins to succumb to the madness himself.

Atreides is able to cold cock the dazed and feverish Marcus. They bind him as best they can and watch as the sun sinks lower in the sky…

Not Of the Island

After securing Marcus in one of the buildings, the party, now joined by Herran and Naugrim, continues their search for the water supply.

In the jungle they are attacked by an amorphous, constantly shapeshifting creature of immense size, speed and power. Its most striking feature is its eyes, actual golden orbs flecked with red.

It tears through the team and only due to Atreides’ tenacity, Naugrim’m powers and Therondil’s cunning are they able to fight back the creature. Naugrim, through his connection to the island can tell that this creature is an Outsider, something unnatural and not of the island.

It escapes to the air after smearing Atreides’ blood on Naugrim’s face and telling the dwarf, “You will die last.”


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